General Info

Name: Boris Kalishenko
Alias: Fuse
Age: 26
Height: 7’2"
Weight: 326


BOD – 5
AGI – 4
REA – 3
STR – 5
CHA – 3
INT – 4
LOG – 3
WIL – 3
EDG – 2

Skills – Active

Athletics(Group) – 2
Clubs – 2
Heavy Weapons(Mortar) – 3/5
Longarms(Shotguns) – 3/5
Pistols – 2
Throwing Weapons(Grenades) – 3/5
Armorer – 3
Demolitions(Improvised) – 6/8
Hardware(Maglock Seq.) – 2/4
Perception – 3
Etiquette(Street) – 2/4
Degotiation(Bargain) – 2/4
Pilot Ground(Car) – 1/3

Skills – Knowledge

Music(Troll Thrash) – 2/4
Trids(Action) – 1/3
Underworld(Fixing) – 2/4
Gangs(Seattle) – 1/3
Bars and Clubs(Rock) – 1/3
Chemistry – 2
English – N
Russian – 4
Japanese – 3


Fuse is tall and “well built” (see: beer gut), strong after years of hauling heavy amps, concert gear, and stage. His protruding tusks are both silver, having lost quite a few teeth in bar-brawls as a bouncer. His chin sports some rough stubble, largely laziness rather than a fashion statement. Fuse’s hands are rough and calloused from countless burns and chemical stains from his work. Typically, Fuse sports thick jeans with a bullet-belt, combat boots, a stained and partially singed “Rough Company” metal concert t-shirt under a thick black-denim jacket. Numerous band patches adorn this well-worn jacket. He’s usually wearing his toolbelt as well, with a protective welder’s mask tipped up on his forehead (his signature mark spray-painted on the front of the mask, a cartoon bomb with a lit fuse).

For the past 9 years he has worked in the music industry. He began as a simple bouncer for local clubs, “taking out the trash” as he liked to call it. Whenever he could, he would sneak off to listen to some of the heavier shows, his favorite being the troll-thrash metal band “Bloody Knuckles”. The loud, visceral music and off-the-wall insanity of the band’s antics were his favorite, and after pleading with their manager, he was given the opportunity to move equipment for them between gigs. After dozens of gigs, setting up and breaking down the stage and electronics, Fuse was able to help with the actual planning of the shows. Like almost every band, the stage effects were trideo projections around the band, with the occasional AR stage-show. While expensive to pull off, Fuse thought the effects were “cheap” and took away from the heaviness of the music. Where’s the danger when all of the ghosts, skeletons, and explosions were computer-generated? They looked cool, but they didn’t feel cool. Fuse got it in his head to use some of the fireworks sold by the shady street vendors instead of the typical trideo set-up. He didn’t bother to warn the band or let the manager or club owner know about the “impromptu” change, and threw together some pyrotechnics for the band’s last number. Fuse’s little pyro show ended up almost killing three audience members, blew out the singer’s eardrum, concussed him, and nearly burned the club down, but one thing was certain: the band more than doubled their audience for the next show. Fuse was unceremoniously booted out of the organization for that stunt, but he had found something he loved doing and gained his current moniker. For the next few years, Fuse was a pyrotechnic coordinator for stage shows, working as an “extraction expert” on the side for extra cash. Eventually, he took less show gigs and more demolitions jobs for Shadowruns and local gangs.

Fuse is gruff to those he doesn’t know very well, but is quick to warm up to people. He is slow to anger, but explodes violently when pushed over the edge. Nothing makes Fuse happier than moshing in a metal concert, or watching something explode, especially if he’s the reason it’s blowing up. Fuse thrives in chaotic and insane environments as he can make sense of the entropy. He would probably be an arsonist or mad-bomber if he were truly crazy, but he merely acts like that. He doesn’t put up with “high-and-mighty” people who believe they are the greatest. Having had to deal with stuck-up, snobby, selfish musical “talent” for years, he’s about had enough. His first love is pyrotechnics, but he does like to tinker with electronics when he gets the chance, tweaking amps to sound louder, deeper, and more distorted for the heavy music to come “alive.”



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