Wreck-A-Mended Towing and Automotive Repair

Auto Shop in Denver


Wreck-A-Mended is a fairly small shop in the worse part of town that serves both law-abiding citizens and criminals. The trick is to not have both there at the same time.

Its staff and owners consist of:

Astrid Bellamy – (PC) Primary mechanic, though Vasiliy usually covers for her when she’s off running.

Vasiliy Khadartsev – A young dwarf and Russian expat. He’s a decent mechanic, but still learning. He has a knack for numbers, however, and is responsible for the accounts.

Lysimachus – A large and very, very burly minotaur. He’s a gentle soul, but people don’t really believe that when they see him tossing around car doors like they’re napkins. He does the business’s towing, but is an artist with paint and usually can be convinced to do custom detail work.

Gizmo – A small dog that has enough cyberware in his brain to power a Midwestern town. He was an experiment by Vasiliy’s father, and is intelligent enough to run errands and plug things in. This makes him a valued pet and part of the staff.


Bought with the pooled money of Astrid, Vassily, and Lysimachus, Wreck-A-Mended has done well enough to keep out of the red even if it’s not a massive profit maker. That said, it hardly makes for comfortable living and so Astrid takes jobs on the side to supplement that income, as do the others. For Lysimachus, that means moonlighting at chop shops or doing custom detail work. For Vasiliy, it means racing for money.

Wreck-A-Mended Towing and Automotive Repair

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