Astrid's Bébé

Eurocar Westwind 3000 (Sports Car)


Handling +3
Acceleration 20/60
Speed 240
Pilot 3
Body 10
Armor 6
Sensor 1


  • Interface customized for Astrid. Woe to anyone else who drives it.
  • Has three shielded smuggling compartments, but they’re rarely used.

Astrid has poured her heart and soul into this car’s upkeep and repair. It was originally dumped off at her Papa’s shop by a pissed customer (another smuggler) after it was totaled and nearly destroyed. Together, she and her Papa built the thing back up from its bare skeleton to the piece of art it is today. The car has seen a lot of miles now, particularly racing or running illegal goods up and down the country, but it’s still kicking perfectly with the attention she lavishes on the thing. Any time Astrid needs to kill a few hours, she spends it out in the shop with the car.

Even in conversation, Astrid refers to it as “Bébé”. The best way to get her to go primeval on someone’s ass is to ding or scratch her car. She hasn’t let anyone else drive it but her Papa, and probably never will.

Astrid's Bébé

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