Kayle Write

The man called Phoenix



Name: Kayle Write
Alias: Phoenix
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male
Hair: Red
Eyes: Blue


Body: 4
Agility: 4
Reaction: 3(4)
Strength: 2
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 4
Logic: 3
Willpower: 5
Magic: 6

Edge: 3
Initiative: 7(8)
Passes: 1(2)
Essence: 6

Karma: 38
Current Karma: 19
Street Cred: 4(+1 for Vory and Shiawase)
Notoriety: 1
Public Awareness: 0

Active Skills

Assensing: 1
Banishing: 1
(+2 Fire Spirits)
Binding: 1
(Spec: Fire Spirits, +2 Fire Spirits, -1 Mentor)
Dodge 1
(Spec: Ranged)
Leadership: 3
Perception: 2
(Spec: Audio)
Pistols: 2
(Spec: Semi-Auto)
Spellcasting: 4
(Spec: Detection Spells, +2 Health Spells)
Summoning: 3
(Spec: Fire Spirits, +2 Fire Spirits)

Knowledge Skills

20th Century RPGs: 1
Botany: 2
Magical Theory: 4
Parabotany: 2
Parazoology: 4

Language Skills

English: N
German: 4
Sperethiel: 4

Positive Qualities

Mentor Spirit: Phoenix
Mystic Adept: Starts with a Magic of 1 that can be increased at character generation. Divides Magic stat among Adept Powers and Sorcery/Conjuring abilities. Cannot Naturally Astrally perceive.

Negative Qualities

Cursed: Has general mishaps with magic and reduces the glitch threshold for magical skills by 1
Gremlins: Has general mishaps with electronic devices and reduces the glitch threshold for such tests by 1
In Debt: Gains an additional 10,000 Nuyen from a loan but must maintain a minimum monthly payment of 10% of the remaining debt or get targeted by collectors.
SINer: Has a legal SIN, complete with all the pros and cons.
Talisman Geas: Must wear and openly display a talisman with at least 3 physical qualities or suffers a -1 Magic. Magic reduction may become permanent if the character has a Crisis of Confidence while unable to fulfill the geas. Whenever the character critically glitches a major magical task they must roll Willpower+Magic(3) or suffer a Crisis of Confidence.

Mentor Spirit

Healing Flames: +2 dice for Health Spells
Consuming Flames: +2 dice for Fire Spirits
Unfettered: -1 dice on Binding tests


Astral Perception: Can use the Assensing and Astral Combat skills.
Commanding Voice: Can give a 5 word command to any target using Leadership+Charisma versus Leadership+Willpower. The target is more likely to follow the command with more net successes or might just stand confused. Can target a group using the highest resistance pool in the group +1 per additional target to a max of +5. Additional uses against the same target within a 24 hour period gives -2 dice to the user.
Improved Reflexes: +1 Reaction and Initiative Pass.
Sorcery/Conjuring Skills: Treated as having a Magic of 3 for the purposes of dice pools for Sorcery and Conjuring skills
Sustenance: Only requires 3 hours of sleep and one meal per day.


Heal: Closes wounds real good if you’ve got the time. Not so great on street samies or cyber zombies.
Increase Agility: Makes the target more agile.
Mindnet, Extended: Active, Psychic. Wide area telepathic link.
Spatial Senses, Extended: Passive. Wide area auto map.
Stunbolt: Less lethal measures.

Initiation Notes

Initiate Grade: 1
Metamagics: Invoking: May bind(or rebind) a spirit and transform it into a Great Form spirit.


Fairlight Caliban Commlink
OS: Novatech Navi
Response: 4
Signal: 5
Firewall: 3
System: 4


Auctioneer’s Business Clothes: 5/3 with concealed holster. More or less the casual armor.
Mortimer of London Greatcoat Line: 6/5 with Chemical Protection 2 and Insulation 2. Offers a -2 conceal modifier.
Form Fitting Half Suit: 4/1. Stacks with other non mil-spec armor. Counts half for encumbrance.
Secure Tech PPP Forearm Guards: 0/1. Stacks with other non mil-spec armor.
Secure Tech PPP Shin Guards: 0/1 . Stacks with other non mil-spec armor.


Stock Hammerelli with silencer 10 clips of normal ammo and 9.6 clips of stick and shock.


Mid-class Living: Not much of a place but it grows on ya. For Kayle it’s little more than a familar place to get back to after the hell of the shadows, especially given that the mage’s life needs have played hell on the places chn and his poor technological skills have seemingly rubbed off on the appliances and fried the matrix reception. On the bright side, the place is solidly built and the owner isn’t uptight. The food ain’t to bad eithe, between Lorenzo’s cooking and the vegetable garden in the greenhouse (matched with a well built lodge courtesy of Po).

Misc. Gear


Keeper(Fixer/Barkeeper): Loyalty 4 Connection 4
(Talismonger) Loyalty 2 Connection 3


Kayle Write

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