Mme. Christiane Bellamy

Astrid's Mother


Metatype – Vampire
Former Life – Awakened human, specializing in healing magic
Alias – La Baronesse Samedi


Christiane her whole life has been the paragon of manners and gentility. And why should this change just because she contracted VIDAS in her early twenties? Civilized, soft spoken, and hospitable, Mme. Bellamy serves as the counterweight of constancy to her sometimes erratic husband. She has a deep and abiding love for her children, though when that’s never stopped her from giving them one hell of a talking to when they deserve it.

She continues to practice magic, performing healing basically free of charge. People do tend to bring over gifts or make sure that chores are done in thanks, of course, because it’s never wise to offend a vampire who may refuse to repair your spine in future. Christiane also enjoys cooking, and can usually be found in the kitchen. Her primary other function in the family besides domestic life is taking care of the members of the Samedi clan who have run afoul of the law.

Mme. Christiane Bellamy

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