M. Xavier Bellamy

Astrid's Father


Metatype – ghoul
Former Life – mundane human
Alias – Le Baron Samedi


The dangerous and sometimes erratic head of the Samedi clan and its smuggling outfits, Xavier Bellamy has made his money and his reputation smuggling organs all along the gulf coast. Though these days he restricts his operations to Louisiana proper, back in his youth when the virus was new to his system, he could be found anywhere there were ghouls.

While Xavier’s body is doing quite well (he hardly looks rotted at all), his mind is beginning to slowly degrade. This reflects itself less as a loss of intelligence and more of a tenuous connection with reality. He can be quite paranoid at times, usually soothed only by his wife. When Astrid was a girl, he spent much of his time with her and is responsible for teaching her most of what she knows about vehicles, driving, and smuggling.

Though he is a bit of a recluse these days, Xavier never misses Mardi Gras, appearing by his fellow criminal family heads dressed as Baron Samedi—complete with cane, top hat, and a skull grin.

M. Xavier Bellamy

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