Leif Kolbein

Coke-Fiend Elf Mage, all you know at a glance.


Name: Leif Kolbein
Metatype: Elf
Sex: Male
Age: 19
Height: 1.7m
Hair: Brown-Blonde
Eyes: Green


Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reaction: 3
Strength: 3
Charisma: 6
Intuition: 4
Logic: 4
Willpower: 5
Magic: 5

Edge: 1
Initiative: 7
Essence: 6

Karma: 14
Street Cred: 1
Notoriety: 2
Public Awareness: 0

Active Skills

Assensing: 4
Astral Combat: 2
Clubs: 1
Computer: 1
Con: 2
Counterspelling: 3
(Detection Spells +2)
Dodge: 1
Etiquette: 2
Negotiation: 2
Pistols: 1
Spellcasting: 6
(Illusion Spells +2)
Tracking: 1
(Astral Signature +2)

Knowledge Skills

6th World History: 4
Drugs: 5
Magical Lore: 5
Street Knowledge: 4

Language Skills

Chinese: 3
English: Native
Spanish: 3

Positive Qualities

Magician: Grants the Magic Attribute at rank 1, allows use of spells and spirits as detailed in the core rulebook, and grants the Astral Projection ability.
Mentor Spirit: Seductress

Negative Qualities

Addiction (Mild): Cocaine
Gremlins: 1
Simsense Vertigo: Causes character to experience vertigo while in a virtual reality (such as while using a sim-chip)

Mentor Spirit Effects

+2 dice for Con Tests
+2 dice for Illusion Spells
Indulgences: 11 dice with a target of 3 when presented with an easily acceptable vice.


Ball Lightning: An area-of-effect spell channeling lightning energies to deadly effect
Detect Magic: An all time Classic
Flamethrower: A single target used to deadly effect on breakfast
Mass Confusion: A self-explanatory spell used for causing riots
Physical Mask: Fool people, robots, and cameras into thinking that you look and sound like someone else
Silence: An area-of-effect spell for when you just can’t stand the sound
Stealth: A dampener on everything’s perception of you


Novatech Airwave Commlink
OS: Renraku Ichi Operating System
Firewall: 2
Response: 3
Signal: 3
System: 2


Linguasoft: Japanese (3)
Mapsoft: Salish-Sidhe Council (6)


Actioneer Business Clothes: 5/3 with built-in concealed holster
Lined Coat: 6/4 with Fire Resistance (3)
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit: 6/6 with built-in music player and data jack
Clothes: 0/0 with Insulation (2)


Colt Manhunter nicknamed “Benny”: Laser Sight, Silencer, Spare Clips (2), 30 Flechette Rounds, and 30 Regular Rounds
Quarterstaff named “Sheba”: Weapon Focus (1)


Mage Training “Shop”: Leif doesn’t actually own it, but rather is the head “teacher” and caretaker of the place. It’s a small underground garage where most people don’t notice it, and those who do know where it is know better than to step inside where 2-5 mages could be inside at a given point.
Low-Life Apartment: mmm…look at those devil rats, good eating if you can get past the taste.
Magical Lodge (3): Another name for the training “shop” as it is fairly well stcked with magical supplies whenever Leif or the others completes a job or commission.

Misc. Gear

Key Lock (6): In case anyone’s willing to try and break into a mage’s house despite the odds of deadly wards being present.
Medkit (3): In the “unlikely” event someone gets hurt
Rapelling Gloves: For those difficult climbs
Stealth Rope: 200m of wall climbing goodness


Sherry (Talismonger): Loyalty 2, Connections 3
Jimmy (Bartender): Loyalty 3, Connections 1
The “Bone ’Ead” (Street Doc): Loyalty 2, Connections 2



Leif an Elf of a slightly skinny build, typical of any low-life. His hair is fairly well kept (or at least as well kept as someone on rationed can keep it, anyway). He never shaves, but that’s not a prblem for him, as he is an Elf. Depending on the occasion, Leif has a few sets of clothes which he changes depending on the occasion. For formal occasions or those late nights in clubs, he has a suit that has the potential to change color if brought to the right place, in order to follow the trends. For casual jobs or less-than-friendly outings, Leif wears a patchwork design jumpsuit. For those particularly nasty firefights, he has his brown lined coat with fire-retardent materials(very stylish among the runners I might add). And, of course, he has normal clothing made with some well-insulated materials. Leif tends to carry around Sheba as a sort of walking stick and defensive weapon. On particularly dangerous occasions, he will bring Benny, but usually never uses him and keeps him hidden.


…So, hi, it’s me again. For a long time I didn’t know what the hell happened, and I’ll probably never know the whole of it. I was 13 when Crash 2.0 hit, and I’m just glad I wasn’t in when it happened. Combined with the rest of that year, I don’t think I would’ve been able to pull through with APES on top. What did I have to deal with that year as well, you ask? Lets start with my awakening (yes, I’m a fucking mage, deal with it). Anyway, it happened in the riots following Crash 2.0. I was simply watching from an alleyway when this furious rioter claiming that he was some CEO or something ran up and started beating my little sis! I was powerless to help her at first, but then something really weird happened, and next thing I know, we’re back in the apartment and my sister is crying. After some coaxing, she told me that I had somehow caused fire to engulf the guy’s head, and after which she led me half-dazed, back home.

So, what else happened that year? Well, my older brother left home. That’s a whole story on its own that I might tell. Oh, hell! I’ll give you the gist of it. Basically, after the Crash 2.0, our family was low on funding because of my mom’s loss of my dad’s pension, and my brother, being the man of the house, decided that he would find a way to provide for us. Well, all was chaos in the corporations, and jobs (both legitimate and otherwise), were scarce. So, when he got a job offer, he didn’t decline, and as part of the payment for this job he was to be issued a corporate SIN, an excellent payment considering the almost utter lack of SINs available then. So it was a simple job, deliver some packages from a bar outside of town to a small surplus store in the downtown area. It went over well with no hitches for the first couple of weeks, then, without any mention to my brother, both places close down without a word. Naturally curious about the matter, and upset at his lack of a SIN, my brother decided to head out one night and investigate. He didn’t show his face around the house for over five months after that night, and that was ten minutes before some corporate thugs tore up the neighborhood. Needless to say, the packages were some sort of contraband or artifacts that the corporation had hired them to smuggle into the city. Well, his digging gave him some information that he wasn’t supposed to have, and so he got himself on the company hit-list. Well, he said his goodbyes and then ran to the East. Since then, he has contacted me four times, and each time was very brief. From my understanding, he’s doing something similar to running the shadows, while at the same time evading corporate tails. Despite my best efforts, I’ve never been able to find him, so if I ever do, I’m sure it’ll be because he wants me to.

So, after the ordeals that year placed on us, I was accepted into apprenticeship beneath a street mage living just outside of Spokane’s city proper in the sprawl. Through my training, I was able to pay for our weekly food. But our nice little setup was cut short when I turned sixteen. It all went downhill with the first reports of another VITAS outbreak in the city. Since we lived in the greater sprawl, we were caught up in the first wave of those infected. My teacher was the first in our immediate grouping who became infected. Shortly after I was infected, he died. My mother sat by my side and cared for me for the entirety of my infection. But, I was dismayed when I woke from my fever to find the devilrats gnawing on what was left of her. However, despite my worries, I found my sister to still be unafflicted by the virus. Two days after I woke, however, she began to show symptoms of the VITAS. I did all that I could, burying our mother, providing care and food for my now sick sister, and keeping myself from running away from the whole nightmare. A few days of this hell later, my sister made a miraculous recovery with only one problem, her appearence had been altered slightly by the toll of the virus, and she became very sick to her stomach at most foods. After trying all kinds of methods to settle her stomach, I set my mind to finding out how to deal with these post-VITAS symptoms. I visited a local street doc, and found out afte some inquiry that my sister had become a banshee and needed blood if she was to survive. So, the natural solution was to buy some blood bags from the good doctor and fill them with my own blood until I could afford to buy for her other blood. It didn’t work as well as other blood due to genetic similarities, but she survived for as long as she was with me. About three months after the VITAS outbreak, she dissapeared along with the blood storage we had in the freezer. Ever since, I have looked for her in almost all circles to very little success. The only trails I have ever found for her were all cold, so even today I continue my semi-active search for her when I can.

to be continued…

Leif Kolbein

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