James Bullock

Former head of Renraku's virtuakinetics program, currently employed by Horizon


Standing at only 5’3, Mr. Bullock found himself borne with what one can only call “a classic Napoleon complex”.


Starting his career working for NeoNet to bring the corporation into the wireless world after the matrix disaster of 2064, Bullock quickly sold out his company training and education to the highest bitter. During 2067 Bullock got an offer he couldn’t refuse, in exchange for his knowledge in the field of wireless connectivity, Renraku offered Bullock a position in the corporation with one benefit above all the others, a wife. Securing his position within the corporation Bullock conducted innovative work in the field of wireless matrix interfacing, and eventually found himself running his own division. However, with the death of his wife in 2066, and disappearance of his only daughter later the same year, Bullock found himself struggling to maintain his position in a corporation where blood matters more than anything.

James Bullock

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