Russian elf and Vory enforcer



Body 3
Agility 5
Reaction 4/5
Strength 4/6
Charisma 5
Intuition 3
Logic 3
Willpower 3
Edge 2

Street Cred 0
Notoriety 2
Public Awareness 0

Karma 0

Active Skills

Blades 5
Disguise 2
Dodge 3
Escape Artist 1
Etiquette 2
Gymnastics 4
Infiltration 3
Locksmith 2
Perception 2
Pistols 2
Longarms 3
Shadowing 3
Unarmed Combat 5

Knowledge Skills

5th World Music 1
Corporations 3
Crime Syndicates 3
6th World History 2
Street Gangs 3

Language Skills

Russian N
Chinese 2
English 2
Japanese 2


None Yet

Positive Qualities

Magic Resistance (3) – +3 die for Spell Resistance tests.
Toughness – +1 dice to to Body when making Damage Resistance tests.

Negative Qualities

Criminal SINner – Has a verifiable criminal record on file and has served prison time in the past. More likely to be identified if linked to a crime.
Sensitive Neural Structure – Particularly delicate nervous system. -2 dice for resisting damage from Black IC or BTLs and other damaging forms of simsense.
Scorched Had nasty experiences with BTLs in the past, suffering near-permanent effects. -2 Willpower versus disengaging from Black IC and BTLs


Claws – Alphaware (4P Damage)
Muscle Augment – Alphaware (R2)
Orthoskin – Alphaware (R2)
Synaptic Booster – Alphaware
Toxin Extractor – Alphaware (R2)
Troll’s Eyes – Alphaware
Novatech Navi Commlink

Personal Possessions

Lined Coat & Respirator
Fake SIN (R4)
Plasteel Handcuffs
Autopick & Lockpick Set
Camera, Micro & Earbuds (2)
Gecko Tape Gloves
Keycard Copier
(100m) Myomeric Rope & Grappling Gun
Medkit (R3)
Box of Latex Gloves
Electric Tape
Plastic Sheeting
Gunsmith Kit
Throwing Knives (6x)
Monofilament Sword
Colt America L36
Ranger Arms SM-4



Elena Mikhailovna Aleyeva is better known as “Church” among runners and even her own organization. She is currently a bojevik for the Seattle Vory v Zakone. She stands about 1.7m tall and weighs somewhere around 70kg. She is brown-haired with hazel eyes. Born in Moscow, Russia on December 21st, 2021, she is almost 53 years old. She is affiliated with the Povryejhda Seattle, a regional portion of the Russian crime syndicate, the Vory v Zakone, whose history dates back into the 5th World.


Anya Ivanovna Vasnetsova (Stripper) – Connection 2, Loyalty 6

General Back Story

Recorded on the Novatech Navi Commlink belonging to Aleyeva, Elena

Privyet. Now where do I begin? I do not make it a habit to tell my story to even the shadows in the night. Who knows who may be listening? I think I will start with the Moscow street girl who started down this path so long ago. My parents were very poor, but still had SINs and dwelt in the ghettos of Russia’s glorious capital. I grew up in the shadow of the Kremlin and supplemented our meager income through theft and work as a courier. If it wasn’t drugs, it was messages. Once even body parts. They bled through the paper packaging. That became, as I grew older, my first introduction to BTLs. They were payment, a devil that took more than it could ever give. I burned out on them, burned up. My family gave me up for dead when I succumbed to addiction.

It was the Vory who saved me from that. A man named Nikolay Aleksandrovich Derzhavin caught me when I was thieving. I was too strung out to properly pick a man’s pocket and it was his that my hand had wandered into in search of credsticks. But where others might have ruthlessly crushed me, he found a talent. But I was not taught as a thief. I was taught to move as a shadow and to strike as a knife in the dark. I was groomed to become a bojevik, which meant being abruptly jerked off of BTLs. I do not regret a moment of that withdrawal. I learned to love life again, this time my own life.

Kolya was better to me than I deserved and became like a father to me. It is from him I learned to wield a sword or a rifle with equal comfort. He explained to me how to live by the Code. He taught me the meaning of something greater than myself. But all good things come to an end. The Western Vory often clashes with the Red Vory because of their betrayal in 2064. We were a part of one such battle, and in it Kolya was killed. I was arrested by the police cronies of the Reds and sent to the gulag, the birthplace of our organization. I spent three years there before my comrades came back and broke me out. I fled Russia with the authorities hot on my heels, sicced by their treacherous masters. Someday, the men responsible will be walking alone in the night, and then I will be there. It will only take a moment, a breath, a heartbeat. Revenge is something of a Vory specialty.

Then I met Sergei. It was the best and the worst thing to ever happen to me. The best, because it brought Sonya into my life. Everything else was a disaster and Sergei stayed with me only long enough for a few tumbles. It was mercifully short. At least, that is what Anya tells me. We have been friends since the moment my foot hit Seattle’s damp soil. There is no one else I would rather have watching my back in the world. She knows I would kill for her. After all, I have. One more stalker in the bottom of the Sound won’t do the world any harm. It feeds the little fishes.

And that brings me to now. What happens next, I could not say.


SINless in Seattle SaintCyr