Astrid Bellamy

Cajun smuggler and general renegade.



Body 3
Agility 5
Reaction 5/7
Strength 3
Charisma 3
Intuition 5
Logic 2
Willpower 4
Edge 2

Street Cred 2
Notoriety -1
Public Awareness 0

Karma 15

Active Skills

Con 1
Dodge 3
Electronic Warfare 3
Escape Artist 4
Etiquette 2
(Street Gang +2)
Infiltration 3
Mechanic Group 2
Navigation 2
Negotiation 2
(Bargaining +2)
Perception 3
Pilot Watercraft 2
Pilot Groundcraft 5
Pistols 3
Unarmed Combat 3

Knowledge Skills

Auto Mechanics 5
Border Patrol Tactics 2
Engineering 3
Poetry 1
Smuggler Safe Houses 4
Smuggling Routes 5
Urban Brawl Teams 1

Language Skills

English N
French 3


The Monster Feels Good Temporarily earns High Pain Tolerance, -2 dice to avoid transformation.
Love Makes You Evil +2 damage around loved ones, -1 die to will saves against hunger.

Positive Qualities

Double Jointed +2 dice for escape artist checks, can fit places that probably shouldn’t be possible
First Impression +2 dice for social encounters with new people and places.
Magic Resistance (2) +2 dice for spell resistance tests.

Negative Qualities

Allergy, Mild, Wolfsbane Symptoms are discomfiting and distracting. -2 dice to all tests while symptomatic
Allergy, Severe, Silver Symptoms cause actual physical damage. 1 box of damage for every minute in contact. -4 dice to all tests while symptomatic. Damage value of all weapons made from this substance increases by +4 against the character.
Sensitive System Immuno-suppressive problems with implants. Double all essence losses.


Reaction Enhancers – Alphaware (2)
Smuggling Compartment – Alphaware
Touch Link – Alphaware
Bone Lacing – Aluminum, Alphaware
Transys Avalon Commlink

Personal Possessions

Lined Coat & Respirator
Ancients Motorcycle Jacket & RFID Tag
Autopick & Lockpick Set
Camera, Micro & Earbuds (2)
Flashlight, Low Light & Optical mirrors
Gecko Tape Gloves
Keycard Copier (2)
Lonestar jamming equipment
(10x) Myomeric Rope (m) & (100x) Stealth Rope (m)
Survival Kit & Tool Kit, Automotive Mechanic
“Solace” (Ares Predator IV pistol)
“Mercy” (Ares Slivergun pistol)

Property – Automotive Mechanic’s Shop, located in Seattle, WA

Additional Notes

Astrid is virus metatype and must consume a certain percentage of her body-weight in human flesh.


Appearance, Dress, and Manner

Astrid is markedly lupine in appearance, with a broad and flat nose, enlongated canines, a muscular build, and sharp, pointed nails that need to be filed down lest they become claws. She’s had her ears pierced several times now and has a crescent moon tattoo on her right shoulder blade. Astrid is a Cajun girl and still carries an accent. She’s speaking something, though whether or not it’s English is open for debate. She dresses in torn jeans or cargo pants, military-style jackets, usually running shoes that look like they’re in danger of wearing through the soles, or her work clothes for getting covered in grease. She can clean up, but hasn’t had much of an occasion to in her line of work. She carries Mercy concealed and Solace openly on her hip. Her hair is worn long and usually mussed, though she’ll pull it back if she’s tinkering around under the hood.


Cass Lafayette (Bartender) – Connection 1, Loyalty 6
Johnny Fast-Five (Fixer) – Connection 2, Loyalty 2
Lola (Prostitute) – Connection 2, Loyalty 1

General Back Story

Recorded on the Transys Avalon Commlink belonging to Bellamy, Astrid

Everybody has regrets, right? That’s what makes you human. Or maybe not so human in my case. Anyway, if y’all are reading this, I’m down and out for once and all. Sound mind and body and all that claptrap. I ain’t got much, but if someone could pack up what I’ve got (least, what you can’t sell or use) and send it home, I’d be much obliged. Won’t haunt your ass, neither.

I was born down in New Orleans, Louisiana. Not the back woods like y’all thought, huh? Maman and Papa took real good care of me. Only kid they were gonna have, right? And the only girl. I’ve got two brothers, both older than me. Papa’s, before he was a ghoul. New Orleans, it’s a big old city. Lots of history, lots of culture. Mardi Gras—the Carnival—that was my favorite thing in the whole world. Used to hang off Maman’s arm and stare up at Papa in his top hat and face paint. The disease was all around me, but I was young. I didn’t know what I was. Didn’t know what I had inside me all along. They say the change is horrible, most people die. But It’s always been there, hiding.

Papa taught me everything to know about cars and smuggling. I didn’t have many friends my own age, so I ran with his, you know? Fixed up that car I love so much. It’s something he and I did one summer when I was I think fifteen. God, I miss him. Maman too. She used to come check on us. Taught me to read, ‘specially poems. I was a little wild thing. Only sat still in school ’cause Papa threatened to tan my hide if I didn’t. It was hard. Never could string more than a couple o’ words together real well, and I couldn’t talk worth a damn. But at night, Maman would come out in the woods with me when I got real scared or nervous and the change came. She made It better, made It easier. Wasn’t until I got older that I was trouble.

Morok was the next person who taught me things I was gonna need to stay alive. Running and gunning were his things, you know? Pretty mystical for a gunslinger adept too, always chasing the idea of perfection. I spent a few months with him, working on my hand. He’d hammer me with sim rounds if anything stuck out. I got real good at hiding behind cover, let me tell you.

I was young and good with my hands, so I started taking some classes locally for mechanical engineering. Soaked darn near everything up like a sponge. But I screwed it all up. Dunno if you fellows have noticed, but Astrid Bellamy with her fool accent and sure feet is damn good at buggering stuff up. ‘Specially when it comes to love. Now, if I get a bit knotted up, hear me out. It’s just been a long time since I sat down and got this all figured out.

Yves Melançon was his name, a street doc who worked down not far from campus. I’d skip over and see him lots. I dunno what I was thinking, chatting up a human. He knew who I was, sure enough, but it never bothered him much. He was smart, he was funny, he was sweet. Wasn’t just some crush, either. Now, anybody who knows me halfway decent knows where this is going, and it ain’t a nice place. More I got to liking him, more It did too. I started to lose control more and more.

Hadn’t told him. I was too scared of what he’d think. Sure, Maman was a vampire and Papa was a ghoul. But seeing that was as easy as breathing. They’re always that way. How was he gonna take it when I just up and changed? It was eating at me inside. Started sticking Its ugly head up more and more. Got to where I couldn’t control It, so I dropped my classes and made some lame-ass excuse up for Yves. Something about going through some changes, I think. Understatement of the year, right?

…Sonuvabitch was I stupid. If I’d just come out right and said it, maybe things woulda happened better. Instead, I made everybody worry. I really loved him, you know? Just wanted to keep him safe, away from me until I could figure out what It wanted so much. Hurt him more than he let on.

Yves kept going, though, until I finally dropped him a line again. I hadn’t seen him for weeks, but It was all calm again. I could feel It sleeping in my chest. I wanted to say sorry, that it was a mistake. So we made up, tried again. Things were quiet. I really had it down, you know? Didn’t even tell Maman, I was so cocky. And then the gangers showed up.

He’d gotten into trouble with them, patching up somebody they’d tried to kill and screwed up. We were walking home, and I just…just got so angry. Made my blood boil so bad, and It was out before I knew what was happening. Shot me twice, but that didn’t make a real difference in the end. But I couldn’t, I didn’t see who was on my side and who wasn’t. Always thought maybe that part of me hated anything the rest had, or maybe it just liked destroying me. I came back, and Yves was all chewed up too. He didn’t blame me for it once, but I did enough of that for the both of us.

I gave It to him. I..It was in his blood. Maman did what she could, but he was in so much pain. He didn’t want to go through the change. He was afraid of what he’d turn into. I was scared too, scared of me, scared of what I’d done. Yves did most of the talking for those few days. Lots about what might have happened, lots about how it wasn’t my fault. Then he asked.

Maybe it was the right thing to do. Maybe it was mercy. But I did it. I could’ve just stayed away. Just one shot. Little Astrid Bellamy’s a damn good shot when it’s someone helpless in front of her, someone she’s real fond of.

I ran. Long way up to Denver, a long way from all those things I did and those things I shoulda said but I never got a chance to. Maman understood, but I think Papa took it real hard. Running and gunning, that’s all I’m good at. I tried to stop changing as much as I could. I hated the way I loved It. Felt so damn good, just to be feral, free. It’s easy to give in, you know? I’d go running for days out in the rocky mountains like that, running until my legs ached and my lungs burned and I was miles from any place.

Still got his photograph in my car, you know. Clipped up to the visor with the ticket stubs from the blues and jazz festival we went to together. Nobody sees it but me, I’m pretty sure. I think of him lots. Two years now, almost to the day. It’s easier. Just see the good parts now that I’m a long way away from New Orleans. Smells never really leave me…sometimes when I curl up around his coat, it’s almost like he’s back in the room. Makes it so I can stand up and smile real big even when I don’t feel it too much. Gotta be all vim and vigor for this job.

Running up in Seattle ain’t bad, not counting the weather. And some of the people. Don’t anybody ever smile in this place? I’ve done a lot of jobs between here and Denver. Learned to let things go. No use getting mad about things, not when it’s gonna wake up one hell of a bit of trouble.

So, uh, now y’all know. Ain’t gonna make me more friends or anything, but…I figured it belonged in here. Dead don’t keep no secrets.

Astrid Bellamy

SINless in Seattle SaintCyr