SINless in Seattle

Catching Up

Recorded as a personal log from Transys Avalon commlink belonging to Astrid Bellamy

Well, been a while since I filled in here, ain’t it? Funny enough, with all the shit going on, a few spare minutes have been hard to come by. Lessee…our Johnson was dead when we showed up. A bunch of off-duty Ares showed up and kicked his ass, nearly ours too. So we cut and ran with our part of the agreement. And then, this girl we’ve grabbed pays us to start running for her. But it’s good money, not the sort of thing you turn your nose up at. I may be new to Seattle and all, but the apple doesn’t fall too far from the branch.

See, turns out James Bullock ain’t much of a concerned father after all. He’s more interested in what little Matrix tricks his baby girl can do in her head, for the advantage of his new family corp, Horizon. Pity Renraku ain’t real happy about it. I mean, I ain’t exactly the sharpest knife in the drawer, and even I think it’s seven shades of stupid to fuck over a corp like that. Still, I suppose the money’s worth it…assuming you live long enough to spend it.

Kerina had us nab her papa, which went off pretty damn well for a job this gang’s had (no offense meant). There was some shooting, some blowing up of cars, some screaming in pain, and a bit of waving guns. Good times were had by all. Oh, and we almost lost Sparky to another mage’s mana bolt, but somehow he pulled through. Anyway, our jeune fille and her father had a little tête à tête. That went real well. Kerina did…something to her father, basically gave him APES, and then we sent him back in a taxi. I’m guessing next Christmas is gonna be a barrel of laughs at the Bullock house.

And then it all got real complicated.

First off, them bug spirits weren’t exactly gone. They tried to kill a few of our mates, which I think meant they still were holding a grudge. Then we found a big ass bug spirit, and the troll decided to blow it, and us, up. Then he leaves me for the cops to find high on the Bliss he injected me with. Thanks for that 1,000 nuyen fine, buddy. Not that I’m holding a grudge or nothin’. Everybody knows Astrid’s as cuddly as a little puppy. One with lots of teeth. Them bugs ain’t gonna end well, and I think we all know it. A little birdy from the Universal Brotherhood kinda said so, in not so many words. A lot more hissing and clicking and trying to tear its way through the door, though.

Oh, and did I mention that our own little psycho-killer got screwed over by his mob buddies? Turns out blood ain’t thicker than power. Dmitri’s sister got killed by her husband and some little dwarf. And then when they blamed him, we had to go save ’em. I wreck my car for that kinda shit way the hell too much, you know?

Anyway, we’re buckling down to break into Horizon’s little hospital for brains and break Kerina’s otaku friends out. The phrase “how could this possibly come back to bite us in the ass later” comes to mind, but I ain’t lived this long by second-guessing myself. Leif and I have been talking about maybe runnin’ down south for a bit after this is over, coming with me to Louisiane. I think I’m finally ready for that trip back, though it ain’t gonna be easy. I also promised I’d help him look for his sister. Pity the trail’s so cold already, or it’d be much easier. Mind, this is taking for granted that we’ll live through this little assault.



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