SINless in Seattle

A First For Everything

Recorded as personal log from Novatech Airwave Commlink belonging to Leif Kolbein…

Well, I guess there is always a first for everything.

A few days ago I was hired on with a group of other runners, by a Johnson, to go find some girl and bring her back to him. Typical job, right? I mean, there are very few jobs as kosher as that. Hell, to even add in even more redundancy: we met in a cyber-cafe. Seriously, though, this was a standard job for some decent pay.

So things start out really smooth, no hiccups, no roadblocks, and even some free tips from the Johnson as to how to find the girl. We meet up after meeting the Johnson and we decided what we were going to do. After some lax debating, we decided to head out to the sprawl, the best place to hide from the authorities if you’re short on nuyen. We made for a mall complex and split up to find information as to the girl’s wherabouts. Astrid and I took to the streets and the main part of the mall, while the others went off to go and talk to some decker who kept watch on the street through cameras. As you can guess, they were successful and found out that she was staying in an abandoned amusement park (bad horror movie stuff, right? Well, you havn’t yet heard the least of it).

So, as our job meant for us to do, we did. Off to the amusement park…

At the amusement park, our friendly group samurai decided that it would be fun to try and hack the park’s system. As a result, the friendly greeters of the park came back online: the lovables. An assortment of giant, stuffed, robotic, murderous, and broken animals, capable of crushing a Troll should it get its arms around it. Don’t worry, there’s still more strange stuff where this run went.

Recorded as a personal log from Transys Avalon commlink belonging to Astrid Bellamy

Alright, so Leif put me up to this. Might even be readable now that I’ve got it compensating for my accent. Babelfish my ass. More like Babble-Fish. Now, let’s see if I can remember what happened next…

You know those nights were nothing goes right? This was one of them. It was a damn creepy place, and we all knew it. Even our mage said it was bad shit in the air, and I believed him. We ran away from the “Lovables” towards the far end of the park where the lights had started at, because everybody knows things are less scary when you run towards them. Or…something, anyway. I don’t know.

Like geniuses, we skip the Funhouse and head into the Tunnel of Love. I mean, we spent half the time waiting for some kind of robotic demon clown to pop out and start chasing us with a butcher knife. Err, I was, anyway. Hate them things with their face paint and their huge ass shoes. It ain’t right. Anyway, we start getting weird comm messages from this username Kreamkat154 or something. Telling us to go away and all that. And that’s when we realized something really bad was in the water.

I’m a little fuzzy on what exactly happened next, but I know we got the girl flex-cuffed and our resident nut-job assassin was carrying her out. And then the goddamn place just exploded with bug spirits. Thousands of them, all over the place. So we high-tailed it out of dodge.

Why do they call it the “supernatural” when there’s nothing that super about it and it definitely isn’t natural? Anyway, half of us vaulted the fence and some of us wriggled under it. The troll just bent it up and walked under. Pity his exorcisms or Bible-waving don’t discourage them little bugs. I got in the car and stuffed our guest in—she’d been dropped from her arm by our Russian ninja-killer and tried to scramble off. Getting her was a pain in the ass. But the bug spirits were right on our heels, so I kicked on the engine.

Then Sparky the Mage turns around and throws a goddamn comet at those little suckers. He started with just a little glow in his fingers and then it just bloomed into an inferno of white-blue magical flame. Those bugs were popping and sizzling like steak on a grill. We shot right off out after that, but damn was I impressed.

Turns out after we left, Ares showed up and the whole place went boom. Plus, our rendezvous with the Johnson ended up delayed because the girl was telling us that he’d made her friends vanish. Let me tell you, something funny was going on. But it just got even better later, which is why I think I’m gonna start carrying a tire iron around with me. You know, for social work.

to be continued



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